next day 

Drop the car or wheels off anytime before 5pm Monday -Thursday and they will be ready the following day. 

remove Curb Rash

We know curb damaged wheels can be an eye sore. Let us refinish them like new. 

Color matching

Whether we do one wheel or all four wheels, we guarantee a factory color match. 

Factory finish

The powder coating process gives all wheels the “just came from the factory look” 

Frequently asked questions

How long does the finish last?

All refinished wheels are powdercoated. Powdercoating is a permanent, factory like finish.  We guarantee the powdercoating finish will NOT chip, fade, or peel. Damages to the wheel finish due to curb damage, potholes or other road hazards is not covered. 

What should I use to clean my wheels?

We at USA Wheel Repair & Powdercoating recommend using soap and water to clean your wheels on a regular basis. Do NOT use acid based cleaners or abrasive scrubs. The use of acid based cleaners will cause peeling and the powdercoated finish will fade. Abrasive scrubs will cause fine scratches to appear in the clear coat over time. 

Can you repair chrome wheels?

We are unable to repair curb damages on chrome wheels. The only repairs that can be done is on inside back of the rim only which include bend, crack or cleaning the seat of the rim due to oxidation. Due to strict environmental laws and the chemicals involved in the chroming process; chroming is not allowed in the state of New York. However, please ask about our high polish aluminum powder coating if you are looking for a chrome-like finish.