Factory finish

Won’t fade, crack, or peel. Guaranteed

Custom colors

Choose from our wide selection of colors 

cnc finish

State of the art diamond tipped CNC machining

High Polish

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average cost to powder coat wheels?

The cost to powder coat a set of wheels all vary on the size , color and customization of the wheels.

How long does the finish last?

Powdercoating is a permanent, factory like finish. We guarantee the powdercoating finish will NOT chip, fade, or peel. Damages to the wheel finish due to curb damage, potholes or other road hazards is not covered. 

Do you chrome wheels?

Due to strict environmental laws and the chemicals involved in the chroming process; chroming is not allowed in the state of New York. However, please ask about our high polish aluminum powder coating if you are looking for a chrome-like finish.