while you wait

Inner Lip bend repairs can take about an hour an half. Bent in the Face? Ask us about our Full Reconditioning Service. 

restores perfomance

Feeling a vibration in your steering wheel or seat can be frustrating. We Guarantee Vibration Free Driving.

laser assisted

Laser assisted technology to guarantee your repair is up to par with manufacturer specs.

High-Speed balancing

Laser assisted balancing ensures GUARANTEED accurate weight placement.

Bent or out of round wheels will cause vibrations that will eventually damage your vehicle’s steering, suspension system and tires. Bent Wheels cause a vibration felt in the steering wheel or throughout the cabin of the vehicle. We straighten most aluminum, steel, chrome, and custom wheels 15’’-26’’.

At USA Wheel Repair & Powdercoating, we have the most advanced rim straightening machine and technology in the industry. We guarantee that your wheel(s) will be straightened back to manufacture’s specifications.

We offer same day service while you wait depending on the severity of the damage.

 “Guaranteed Vibration Free Driving”

Frequently asked questions

To repair a bent rim, how long does it take?

Timing varies on placement of bent, either outer or inner repairs.

Inner repairs takes about and 1 1/2 hours to repair.

Outer repairs (bend in the face) needs a full recondition, which timing may vary. 

Do you repair damaged wheels?

Yes, we can repair or refinish all alloy wheels. 

We repair all bent and cracked wheels, caused when you hit a pothole. Bent wheels must be straightened and cracked wheels are welded on premise. 

Do you remove the tire before repairing?

Yes, we must remove tires before any repair is done, rather its a bent or cracked. Once tire is removed, the tire must be high-speed balanced, making sure your wheel spins smoothly at high speed.