Same Day Service

We offer same day service depending on the severity of the damage. Most cracked rim repairs takes about an hour an half to get done. 

Semi Permanent

Cracked rim repairs is not a long term solution. Depending on the roads and if you hit any bumps or pot holes will determine the longevity of the repair.  


Our aluminum weld is a safe and temporary solution. We will always recommend cracked rims be replaced. 

Due to metal fatigue or as a result of dropping in a potholes; cracks are a common problem with alloy wheels. Cracks can lead to slow air leaks and have the potential to widen and cause dangerous blow outs. Large cracks prevent tires from holding air and prevent you from getting on the road altogether. Stressed over time, a crack can spread to the point that a wheel is no longer safe. Wheels with 2 or more cracks should definitely be replaced.

Welding cracks in a rim is a straight-forward and temporary solution to these problems. Unlike sealing compounds (which are sometimes used as “quick fix” for small cracks), welded areas are stronger than before with our specialized aluminum welding technique which prevent cracks from getting worse over time.

Frequently asked questions

Is welding my wheel safe?

Welding your rim is not a permanent solution but is a safe temporary repair until you decide to replace your rim. 

Will it void my vehicle warranty?

If you are leasing your vehicle or have wheel and tire insurance, always confirm with the selling dealership or wheel and tire insurance provide before any repairs. 

Is there a warranty on welded wheels?

We will aways recommend cracked rims be replaced. Once a rim is cracked the integrity of the rim is compromised and we can only provide a temporary repair until you decide to replace your rim. There is No Guarantee or Warranty on Cracked Rim Repairs.