What Causes Rim Damage?

What Causes Rim Damage?

Beautiful Vehicle. Pretty Rims. Unsightly Damage.

Chances are you've either already experienced or at some point will experience this scenario. You have a beautiful vehicle that makes you proud to drive it. It has pretty rims that make your heartbeat a little faster each time you look at them. And then you incur a bit of damage to one, resulting in unsightly damage that impacts function and makes you sad when you see it. When you bring your automobile to USA Wheel Repair and Powder Coating in Jamaica, New York, you'll no longer have to fret over what took its toll on your rim. We offer a full range of wheel services and repairs, including rim straightening.

Uh-Oh! Did That Just Bend My Rim?

Everything is fine--until it isn't. While nobody plans to damage a rim along their path of travel, it takes only a single event to bend one. As soon as you feel it, one of your first thoughts may be, "Uh-oh. Did that just bend my rim?'' A major event such as a car crash can wreak havoc on rims. But did you consider all the smaller, potentially daily events that can result in damage? For instance, a single encounter with a curb can mar the rim's surface and even bend it. It can easily happen if you turn a corner too sharply, miss the mark in a parking lot, or make a miscue while parallel parking beside a downtown sidewalk. Also, when you see a pothole, your rim perceives a crater. Think about what your vehicle goes through each time a wheel drops off a flat surface in a valley, especially at full speed. No wonder the rim can sustain damage!

Whew! Restoring Appearance and Function with Rim Repair

If the answer to your self-questioning is, "Yes, that bent a rim," bring your vehicle to USA Wheel Repair and Powder Coating. We care for any rim problem you have--scratches from rubbing against concrete, pitting from coagulated brake dust, and bending from one of the encounters mentioned above. While we can repair most ailments, we also sell rims, replacing those that simply cannot be fixed. That makes us your go-to shop for all things related to rims.

Written by USA Wheel Repair & Powder Coating